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Do you have questions about personal finances, money management and budgeting, debt management, collections, student loans, credit cards, or anything else dealing with money? If so, let The Urban Money Expert answer your money questions and guide you in the right direction.


Credit Card Questions and Answers - Complete FAQ
A complete FAQ on credit card information and common credit card questions and answers by the Urban Money Expert. 
How To Get A Free Annual Credit Report
Did you know that you can get 3 free credit reports per year? Find out how you can get your free annual credit report from 3 major credit reporting companies. 
Personal Loans After Bankruptcy
You can apply for personal loans after bankruptcy. Creditors want to lend you money even with bad credit and no collateral. Learn how to build good credit. 


How To Consolidate Student Loans
Having a hard time repaying your federal student loans? Let me guide you on how to consolidate your student loans and the places to go to refinance them. 
How To Prepare A Budget
Learn how to prepare a budget in 4 steps. Learn budgeting skills for making budgets and a personal budget plan that will keep your finances in order. 
How To Report Identity Theft
Do you know what to do about id theft? Learn how to report identity theft and what you can do to prevent further fraud and damage to your credit file. 
How To Freeze Credit Cards
The Urban Money Expert explains about how to freeze credit cards, how to freeze credit card interest, and how to freeze credit card payments and credit limits. 
Business Credit Cards
Finding the right business credit card can be difficult. Learn more about good and bad business credit cards, applying for one, interest rates, and rewards.


Free Budget Spreadsheet Download
Download this simple and free budget spreadsheet created by The Urban Money Expert. This spreadsheet template was created in Microsoft Excel.


"The first step is about taking responsibility for your actions. Once you have accepted the fact that you got yourself in to your current situation, you can start to explore your options properly."

"Most of us get scared when it comes to money, especially when it's owed to someone else. Let's fish out some facts, put aside the fear, and learn how you can take control of your financial life again."